• Zoom Guidelines for One-on-One Conferences

    Teachers may have an instructional need to meet with an individual student for a scheduled one-on-one conference via Zoom.  The guidelines listed below are intended to protect teachers and students while also allowing for this necessary teaching and learning to occur. 

    • One-on-one interactions using live video, audio, or chat should only occur during the hours of a typical instructional day in the Kirkwood School District (7:30-4:00).
    • Links to access Zoom conferences should be shared with students via Schoology, our learning management system.  Parents will also have access to this link if they have created and synced a parent account.  
    • Parents should be notified of a one-on-one conference, with the date, time, and link shared via Blackboard Connect (text message or email).  While parents are always welcome to join these instructional conferences, there is no expectation that they do so.  
    • Information regarding pre-scheduled Zoom conferences with individual students (i.e. recurring interventions, reading conferences, appointments for homeroom help) should be made available to principals in advance.
    • District protocols should be followed for scheduling Zoom calls, requiring the use of a password and waiting room for those accessing the meeting.

    Parents have the opportunity to opt out of individual Zoom meetings if they prefer their child not have one-on-one video conferences with a teacher.  Parents can opt out of one-on-one conferences at any point by emailing the school or grade level principal or designee.