• Student Expectations for Camera Use on Zoom

    There is a general expectation for students to engage in learning conversations and activities during live Zoom sessions with teachers and/or peers.  We will encourage but not require students to have cameras on and be visible during Zoom meetings, remaining aware of and sensitive to the individual circumstances of students and their families.

    Some students may not feel comfortable, on any given day, having their physical surroundings and/or family members visible to others in a session.  Students should always be given the option of choosing a school-appropriate digital background, recognizing this may compromise digital quality of the video.

    Even students who have Wi-Fi access may experience delays or connectivity issues when on a Zoom session, especially if multiple people are sharing limited bandwidth.  To ensure synchronous connection and class participation, it may be beneficial - even necessary - for some students to turn off their cameras at times.  Students will not penalized for connectivity issues that are beyond their control.