• KSD Decision Making Protocol


    Planning for Positive Cases - Decision Tree & Communication

    When Someone is Sick

    Anyone not feeling well should stay home, as should anyone who has been directly exposed to someone testing positive. If someone is sick at school, efforts will be made to isolate individuals and remove them from campus as quickly as possible.  

    • If the individual in question is a staff member, that person will be isolated and sent home immediately.
    • If the individual in question is a student, they will be isolated until arrangements can be made for the child to be picked up by a parent or guardian.  

    Anyone who is sick will be advised to contact a healthcare provider if they exhibit symptoms or answered YES to any items on the screening questionnaire. The healthcare provider will be able to determine whether the symptoms are a result of COVID-19 infection or if there are other health issues.

    In the event of an infection, KSD will contact the St. Louis County Department of Health and follow their guidance regarding contact tracing, classroom or school closure, sanitizing protocols, and notification of community. 

    The CDC defines contact as being face-to-face for fifteen minutes, within six feet. Earlier in the summer KSD stated that if an individual is wearing a mask they may not be considered a close contact, the St. Louis County Health Department determined that this is not the case. The masks help mitigate the spread and the severity of the illness.

    The District will be using updated decision charts, provided by the medical community and St. Louis County Health Department.

    PDF of COVID-19 Exposure and Symptoms Chart (Updated July 22)

    Decision Chart Page 1

    Decision Chart Page 2