• K-5 Grading & Report Cards

    Given the unusual circumstances of this year - starting our year online and now supporting students online and in classrooms - we have opted to use a mastery-based report to provide feedback about K-5 student learning.  This replaces the 1-2-3-4 rubric.  We will use this process for the entire school year, regardless of the instructional model used at any given time.

    Our report card for this quarter will include two parts:

    • A report noting student performance on grade level priority standards for math, English/language arts, science, social studies, and social-emotional learning These priority standards reflect essential learning that has endurance over time and/or can be leveraged to enhance learning in the future.  Our priority standards reflect the most essential skills and understandings we believe all Kirkwood students should master by the end of a grade level.  Special area teachers will provide feedback at the end of quarters two and four.
    • Narrative teacher comments that provide additional information about student learning and feedback specific to performance in these areas.  Narrative comments often provide parents with the most valuable insights specific to your child, in support of checklists that note progress toward identified standards.

    Students may receive one of the following marks for each priority standard that has been taught.

    • Met - Skills noted in this standard were observed independently during the first quarter, either via student work or online conferences.
    • Developing - Skills noted in this standard were not yet mastered independently, either via student work or online conferences.
    • Not Observed - There has not yet been ample opportunity to observe use of skills noted in this standard.  Not Observed does not necessarily mean a student has not mastered a skill, only that evidence of mastery was not collected.

    Our goal is for all students to master skills noted in our priority standards by the end of the school year.  Because these are year-long expectations, many standards were not taught during the first quarter.  Any standard that has not yet been taught will be left blank at this time.

    Sample Report Cards

    Report cards will be available to our K-5 parents via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, beginning October 30.  Once you are logged into Infinite Campus, click on the menu bars (top left), then Documents, then the report you want to review.

    IC Portal Directions

    Please complete this form if you need to create an Infinite Campus parent account or recover your username/password for an existing account. For other questions or issues with Infinite Campus please contact icportal@kirkwoodschools.org.