• Meetings & Processes

    We are indebted to the thoughtful and talented people who served on the Task Force and/or participated in the development of our plan. Roughly sixty individuals initially served on the Task Force; 60% of those serving were parents, students, or community members and the remaining members were district teachers or administrators. The initial membership included thirty people who are African American and thirty who are white. While attendance numbers varied over the nine meetings, the commitment and resolve of those at the meetings did not waver.

    Initial meetings took place at Keysor Elementary School, with later meetings held at the KSD Administrative Service Center. The first seven meetings, noted to the right, were prescheduled for conversations, brainstorming, and plan development. While meetings were slated for 90 minutes, most went longer than that as participants were into conversations and did not want to leave. Several groups met off-site at various times to complete tasks.

    Initial meetings with the Task Force encouraged dialogue, honest communication, and the open generation of ideas. Ideas were generated on large sheets of paper using a rotation protocol. Task Force members were then asked to review and prioritize ideas by “spending” colored dots. We centered early conversations on three topics:

    1. Our Task Force will have been successful if…
    2. Questions and data needs
    3. Rapid brainstorming – ideas to get us moving

    Results of our initial work can be found in the window below. Ideas collected may be useful going forward.

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