• Prop R on the April 6, 2021 ballot will make improvements to all schools. Improvements in Prop R that were not included in the $45M plan also known as the Blue Plan. Thie Blue Plan was not placed on the ballot.

    • Doubling the additional classrooms at Kirkwood High School from 7 classrooms to 15.
    • Adding a security office and secure entrance on the Essex side of the high school campus. This will give us security and visibility on both sides of the campus. 
    • Adding security cameras and exterior lighting to all schools.
    • Improved accessibility for students with special needs at six schools. Including additional ramps, lifts, and elevator upgrades. 
    • Additional art and music classrooms at Tillman and Westchester. 
    • Additional and upgraded restrooms at seven schools. 
    • Repair and maintenance of infrastructure such as heating, cooling, windows, and doors. 


    Prop S was on the ballot in June (postponed from April 2020). 

    The main difference between Prop R and Prop S is that Prop S included a new elementary school on the 13-acre property at Lindeman and Dougherty Ferry, which has been owned by the District since 1960s.  

    Prop R does not include a new elementary school. The additions outlined above are also notable differences between Prop R and Prop S.