• MAP Testing

    The Missouri Assessment Program is an assessment that begins in third grade and that all kids attending public schools take yearly through eighth grade. In third and fourth grade, kids are tested in English Language Arts (ELA), and  Math and scored against our Missouri Learning Standards. State testing results serve as a measuring stick when comparing schools and districts to standards – and to each other.  Fifth grade is also tested in ELA and Math, as well as Science.

    We know the MAP tests will not measure everything our students have learned at Robinson, but we want them to be prepared to perform their very best.  As far as content, we are confident that the kids are ready to test, and test well. The format of this test, however, is different than most assessments we use in Kirkwood and requires practice on our end.  The test taking skills we will be teaching and reinforcing are those they will carry with them through their schooling as this is not the last time they will need to take a standardized test!

    We also ask for your support in preparing:


    Please note that they will be testing in approximately two hour chunks on all three days. It is really important that kids are here all day for all three days and they are not checked out during the testing window for doctors appointments etc. Kids who miss taking the test with their peers have to take it separately when they return and it is a very artificial environment for them. They want to be with their peers on those last days of school, not stuck in an office testing with me!

    IPADS: The entire test is done online through a secure testing site.  We need time before testing begins to clean up the iPads, make sure they are fully updated and ready to go. We will also have time for the kids to practice using the online testing tools that they will use during the actual assessment.  

    HEADPHONES:  The kids have options to listen to sections of the test being read to them, and also will be responding to listening passages. Their headphones have taken a beating and many of the kids are in need of new headphones. We will have some available during the testing window, but it would be best if you could check with your student and see if he or she needs a new pair and send them in early.