What is KSD NOW?

  • KSD NOW – Nutrition on the Weekends – is a program that provides monthly boxes of food for students in Kirkwood School District experiencing food insecurity. Within the Kirkwood School District community, there are children who only have access to nutritious meals during the school day.  In fact, about 9% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch – equating to over 500 students who are experiencing some level of food insecurity.  Recognizing the hunger gap, a group of Kirkwood School District staff members and parents have joined together to create KSD NOW – Nutrition on the Weekends – to help address this need.  

    The concept is simple: Children in Kirkwood School District at risk of weekend hunger receive a monthly box of food that is nutritious, child-friendly, nonperishable, and easy to eat.  The food provided in the boxes provides options for, on average, eight breakfasts, eight lunches, and twelve dinners, plus snacks – the equivalent of four weekends’ worth of food.

    We bring together volunteers monthly to pack the boxes and deliver them discreetly and confidentially to families.  We also provide families participating in KSD NOW access to free Thanksgiving dinners, a literacy initiative, and additional food over long breaks. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Emilie Lytton at emilie.lytton@kirkwoodschools.org.

    KSD NOW started with the goal of feeding 50 students on the weekends during the 2019-2020 school year.  Demand for the program quickly surpassed our original number, growing to more than 125 students hoping to receive food. On average, KSD NOW provides 150 students with supplemental food every month.  Due to growing social and economic factors we estimate the number of students we support will continue to increase each year. KSD NOW must actively fundraise annually to generate revenue to sustain this indispensable program.  

    KSD NOW is provided at no cost to families, and we rely solely on donations to purchase food for our students.  We welcome your financial contribution to keep KSD NOW running to support our students.  We continue to accept online donations via our online giving campaign.

    Please consider donating to this worthy cause online or send a check to Kirkwood School District, with KSD NOW in the memo line, 1099 Milwaukee St., Kirkwood, Missouri 63122.

    Every dollar donated to KSD NOW Nutrition on the Weekends will help provide a local child in need with healthy meals on the weekend. KSD NOW relies solely on donations to purchase food for our students; we welcome your financial contribution. Donate now