• Guidelines for Educators

    • There are potential benefits for real-time video collaboration if used wisely.  After exploring numerous options, we have decided that Zoom is the best solution for teachers who wish to use real-time video or audio with students.  Teachers need to register for a free Basic account with Zoom, using your school email address.  Zoom has temporarily waived the 40-minute time limit for these accounts.
    • Zoom will allow teachers to schedule a meeting for a certain time OR start a meeting whenever necessary.  Meeting invitation links can be shared in Schoology, giving students quick access to join your meeting at a certain time.  Students do not have to create a Zoom account to join your meeting.
    • The Zoom Help Center offers a number of simple tutorials, including videos to help get you started.  In addition to audio and video, Zoom allows you to share your screen with viewers.  This may be helpful during instruction.
    • The Zoom app is available in KSD's FileWave MDM and will be pushed out to student devices. Teachers may find that it is easier to schedule Zoom meetings online, generating an invite link to share with students.
    • We are no longer asking educators to archive Zoom sessions with students.  You do not have to record one-on-one or small group conferences via Zoom.  In fact, don't do it.
    • You can record live session with students but you should only post these to Schoology courses or group in which the same students would normally have access ot the instruction.
      • Posting instructional videos is generally good practice, allowing students to review instruction or access it asynchronously if they could not be online for the live meeting
      • It is always smart (and courteous) to let participants know you'll be recording the session
      • You do not have to archive these sessions, and you should not post videos to links where outside people could access the recording.
    • You can pre-record lessons and share these with students in Schoology.  You do not have to archive these. 
      • You can record up to 40-minute videos within Schoology, OR Schoology will accept external videos shorter than four minutes in length
      • If your external video is longer than four minutes, you'll want to download it into Google Drive and post the access link to students in Schoology
    • Teachers may find the Mute All function helpful when hosting sessions with a large number of students.  You can also mute new participants when they join.
    • If you're hosting a large number of students in your Zoom session, consider using Breakout Rooms to engage participants in small group conversation.  You can manually assign students to breakout rooms, have them assigned randomly, or you can pre-assign them before your meeting.
    • Teachers who are new to Zoom and have time may want to view this 45-minute Zoom Meetings for Education webinar.  It explores great tips, tools, and possibilities for teachers using Zoom with students. 


Adding Zoom to Schoology