The Right Reasons for KECC

Prop R Projects at KECC

Projected Improvements:

    • Secure entrance to improve visitor management
    • Accessibility & safety improvements
    • Additional and updated security cameras and lighting around the perimeter of the building
Mandy Rose

A Note from the Principal:

  • “Prop R would create a new front office allowing us to achieve a more secure approach to visitor management on our campus.  Additionally, it would allow for the establishment of a safe point of entry at each individual KECC classroom for daily family access.  These improvements provide a layer of security to our students and staff within our school.”

    Dr. Mandy Rose, KECC Principal

The Right Reasons for KECC Improvements:

  • The plan is to create a new front office and provide one access point for families and visitors to KECC. The school secretary will buzz visitors into a front atrium before allowing access to the office. Once the visitor is buzzed into the office, they can drop off any needed items or meet with administrative personnel. 

    If a visitor has a reason to leave the main office and enter the school's secured area, school personnel will scan their identification through the Raptor Visitor Management System. School personnel will print a badge with the person's name, date, time, and destination in the school building. 

    The visitor will then wear this badge while in the building, allowing for easy identification of all guests.

    If a visitor is not cleared to be in the building or deemed a threat, the office can be cleared and locked down until assistance arrives, and minimal staff would be at risk.

    The secured entrance and the visitor management system is a process to add a layer of protection to our students and staff members within our schools.

    In addition, KECC does not have proper and necessary lighting on our campus. Staff, students and community members who utilize our facilities in winter afternoons and evenings travel to their vehicles in poorly lit parking lots. This is  a safety issue. Updating our lighting will provide proper safety measures.

    Currently, the lack of camera coverage throughout the district puts the district at risk for vandalism, theft, fraudulent issuance claims which all put the district at risk. Prop R will allow the district to install cameras to reach the proper spaces in our schools to monitor our buildings. Right now, there are entrances, exits, and playgrounds not properly monitored via security cameras which puts our students at risk.