The Right Reasons for North Kirkwood Middle School

Prop R Middle School Video

Projected Improvements:

    • Convert Administrative Service Center (ASC) to classrooms to maintain class sizes (net gain of 8-10 classrooms)
    • Relocate band to converted classroom, providing dedicated space for instrumental learning
    • Enclosed connection corridors to increase safety and alleviate overcrowding
    • Resurface track and address site settlement issues
    • Additional and updated security cameras and lighting around the perimeter of the building

The Right Reasons for North Kirkwood Middle School:

  • NKMS is bursting at the seams, and our enrollment is scheduled to grow for the next several years.  It wasn’t long ago we had 550 students at our school.  In a few years, we will have 750!  This speaks volumes about the work our teachers are doing every day to make our schools a destination for families.  Our goal at NKMS is to make sure every student gets what they need, and we need extra space to pull that off.  When 60 students want to take Band, for instance, we need a room that is sufficient to accommodate the roster while also having space to store instruments and move around the room safely.  Currently our band classes are located in the cafeteria.  Prior to our Covid schedule, band classes were spread throughout the hallways causing a great deal of disruption to teaching and learning.  

    By expanding NKMS into the area currently used by our District administration, we will be able to program for our kids in a way they deserve.  We will add upwards of 8 new learning spaces, each one designed to meet the needs of the course.  As a result, we will free up spaces in our current building which will allow us to expand learning opportunities for other content areas, like Art, Wellness, and Engineering, while also capturing spaces for staff to work in small groups with students.  Truly, this will change instruction and opportunities for our students and staff for years to come.

    Currently, NKMS does not have proper and necessary lighting on our campus. Staff, students, and community members who utilize our facilities in winter afternoons and evenings travel to their vehicles in poorly lit parking lots. This is a safety issue. Updating our lighting will provide proper safety measures.

    Currently, the lack of camera coverage throughout the district puts the district at risk for vandalism, theft, fraudulent issuance claims which all put the district at risk. Prop R will allow the district to install cameras to reach the proper spaces in our schools to monitor our buildings. Right now, there are entrances, exits, and playgrounds not properly monitored via security cameras which put our students at risk.