• The Robinson Elementary School Food Pantry

    Robinson is happy to offer a food pantry for those families in the community who are in need.

    When is the pantry open? The pantry is normally open on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 5:30pm-7:00pm. During the months of November, December and March, the pantry is open on an alternate date to make accommodations for the Holidays and Spring Break. If your family has a need at a different time of the month, please contact one of our counseling team members.  Please take a look at the remaining Robinson Food Pantry dates.

    Where is the pantry? The pantry is housed in Robinson’s basement. We have extensive shelving, a standard size refrigerator and a massive stand-up freezer.

    What items are stocked in the pantry? Items that can typically be found each month at the pantry are: canned goods, boxed dinner kits, breakfast items, cleaning items, and fresh bread, meats, milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, frozen meals, and hygiene items.

    Who supplies the pantry? We all do! Watch for “The power of 1” flyers each month. We ask that each student/family bring 1 item on the first Tuesday of the month. Almost all of our non-perishable items come from our families. In addition, each month CARITAS, a local non-profit which came out of the St. Gerard Majella Church Parish, purchases and delivers to us an amazing gift of food for our community – all the fresh items which are mentioned above.  Also, you can learn more about CARITAS here:   https://caritasfamilysolutions.org/ 

    Who staffs the pantry? Volunteers from Trinity Presbyterian Church—so all our families may have their privacy. A counseling team staff member is also onsite, in another room.

    Who organizes the pantry? Robinson students! We have students who help bring in the delivery and stock and label our shelves. This is truly a community effort. 

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Indria Harris at indria.harris@kirkwoodschools.org.