• Dear Westchester Families, 

    Westchester is privileged to have many involved families who are able to show their support through volunteering in our school.  Volunteering may include:  helping in the library (checking books in/out, or shelving returned books), working in classrooms (reading to kids, leading a small group, or clerical work), attending a field trip or special event to help supervise groups of kids, or serving on our P.T.O. board.  We are so appreciative of those who are able to donate the gift of time, and thank you for considering how you may show your support this year. 

    We wanted to make you aware of a policy in the Kirkwood School District regarding volunteering in Kirkwood Schools.  Anyone wishing to volunteer in our schools must complete a background check through our KSD Human Resources Department.  

    Thank you in advance for considering showing your support by volunteering at WE, and we appreciate your understanding of our safety procedures. 


    Robert Ricker

Volunteer Requirement FAQs

  • Why were there changes made to volunteer background checks?

  • The first time I came to the school building, they ran a check using my license. Is this the same as the background check required for volunteers that might be alone with students?

  • I want to volunteer in a capacity where I might be alone with students, but this is a costly process and is a burden for my family. What are my options?