Nipher Middle School
  • Welcome to Nipher Middle School! We are located at:
    700 South Kirkwood Road
    Kirkwood, MO 63122

    Main Office: (314) 213-6180 

    Attendance Line: (314) 213-6100 ext. 8125

    Meet our Nipher Administrators, Counselors & Support Staff:

    • Dr. Laura Havener - Principal (8th Grade) ext. 8301
    • Ms. Aimee Moore - Administrative Assistant ext. 8301
    • Ms. Jennifer Glasgow -  Main Office Assistant ext. 8000
    • Ms. Kim Hessler - Main Office Assistant ext. 8000 


    • Mr. Nathan Alwood - Assistant Principal (7th Grade) ext. 8303
    • Dr. Kelly Dickinson - Assistant Principal (6th Grade) ext. 8303
    • Ms. Rachel Walther - Administrative Assistant ext. 8303


    • Ms. Carmon Griffin - Guidance Counselor (8th Grade) ext. 8040
    • Ms. Lauren (Hearold) Wallace - Guidance Counselor (7th Grade) ext. 8041
    • Mr. Nelson Taylor - Guidance Counselor (6th Grade) ext. 8043
    • Ms. Julie Lossos-Snow - Educational Support Counselor (All Grades) ext. 8025
    • Ms. Meghan Stemmermann - Nurse ext. 8030

     How do I enroll my student?

    • Contact Mrs. Stephanie Smith - Counseling Administrative Assistant/Registrar:
      314-213-6100 ext. 8042
    • Complete all registration documents. Please click here for a copy of registration documents Nipher New Students

    KIRKWOOD SCHOOL DISTRICT R-7 MISSION STATEMENT: Students will think critically and creatively, driven by a sense of wonder, joy, & connection.

    NIPHER MIDDLE SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT:Students will think critically and creatively, driven by a sense of wonder, joy, & connection.

    Our Vision:

    Working together, we will ensure all students are prepared for success – now and in their future. 

    Our students will…

    • Feel supported through positive relationships, with the knowledge that others care about them, their interests, and their success
    • Be happy, healthy, and have equitable opportunities to succeed
    • Discover, wonder about, and solve complex problems, independently and with others
    • Effectively use critical and creative thinking strategies; tinker/play with newly formed ideas to test their validity
    • Collaborate with others, in person and digitally, and communicate with a range of audiences for a variety of reasons
    • Actively question, explore, and apply rigorous learning, within and across disciplines and in authentic situations