• Go to the KHS Privit website: https://kirkwoodpioneers.e-ppe.com/ Once at our Privit website, you will need to follow the below steps (if you have not set up an account yet, then go to the section called 'setting up a Privit account first).

    1. Register an account in a parent’s name here or Log in to existing account.
    2. Add athlete or athletes to your account by selecting Add Member or click on existing member.
    3. Complete all relevant athlete information and forms
    4. Join appropriate teams and fill out all necessary forms as they appear on the privit website.
    5. Apply parent and student-athlete electronic signatures on each required form.
    6. Print Physical and Health History forms from Privit website and take to the Doctor for annual physical exam. A blank physical form can be found at www.pioneerathletics.org under the forms tab
    7. Upload physical form signed by appropriate medical provider or restore valid physical (dated after July 1, 2018) from archives.
      1. Please make sure physical has Doctor signature, date, and they have checked the appropriate clearance box.
      2. Once the required information has been completed and e-signatures have been applied to the necessary forms, the signed document will become available automatically for the appropriate staff member for review and approval. A staff member at the school will update the Clearance Status, the status is not automatically updated. If you Sign next to the Signed Documents, there should be all green check marks next to all signatures on all forms listed. If you need assistance with Privit Profile, please contact the Help Center at 844-234-4357 or visit support.privit.com 
    8. The last step is to get a practice card from the activities office.
      1. Once you have completed all Privit documents the athlete will go to the activities office, during the scheduled times, to pick up a practice card. The athlete will then give this card to his/her coach in order to participate in practice/tryouts. Without this card, an athlete will not be able to participate.
      2. A new Practice Card Must be Obtained For Each Sport Season