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KHS Student Earns All-Expenses Paid Trip for High Marks on German Exam

Megan Campbell, a junior at Kirkwood High School (KHS) has earned an all-expenses-paid summer study trip to Germany. Campbell was selected as a national winner after scoring in the top 10% on the 2024 National German Exam for high school students. Over 13,500 students participated in the program. Following her outstanding performance on the exam, Campbell underwent a rigorous selection process, including submitting responses to multiple short essay questions in both German and English, followed by an interview conducted by a panel of high school teachers and college professors specializing in German studies.

Campbell is one of 37 German students selected from the US to receive the award. This summer study trip provides a three-week homestay and school experience. Students attend classes at a Gesamtschule or Gymnasium (high school), live with the family of a sibling who attends the school, visit regional attractions, and experience the German language and culture firsthand. Students return from the trip speaking German better - with a greater sense of confidence, maturity, and independence. The program is sponsored in cooperation with the German government's Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD).

The National German Exam (NGE) is administered each year to over 15,000 high school students of German. The Exam, now in its 64th year, provides individual diagnostic feedback, rewards students through an extensive regional and national prize program, and creates a sense of accomplishment. Exam results provide teachers a means of comparing students in all regions of the country, as well as programmatic data to help inform curricular decisions.

While Campbell stands out for her remarkable achievement, other German students from Kirkwood High School were commended for their performance on the exam. KHS students earning “Goldurkunde” include Althea Althauser, Meara Rea, Emma Warren, Griffin Harris, Isaiah Smith, and Truman Kim. KHS students earning Silberurkunde are Henrique Gomes, Gwyneth Fox, Kurt Meinhardt, James Decker, Isabella Bradfield, Jackson Atkinson, Amaya Garcia, Katherine Klein, Grace Bastow, Joseph Snyder, Lily Sheahan, Jack Bruno, Jacob Hamlin, Adam Karkabi, Luisa Marietta, and Sharon Wirth. KHS students earning “Bronzeurkunde” are Deven Peterson, Sofia Bastow, Lucie Koeneker, Devan Osburn, Ash Spiegel, Carl Davidson, Camren Weber, Kiera Carnell, Tim Schiller, Eva Lang, Katie Whittaker, Jenna DeGonia, Selma Dahms, Noah Mariscal and Jonah Crites.

Jacob Singleton is the German teacher at KHS.

For more about the American Association of Teachers of German and supported programs, please visit their website: