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KSD Celebrates Retirees and 25 Years of Service Staff Members

On Wednesday, May 4, the Kirkwood School District held their annual recognition ceremony, celebrating retiring staff members and those who have served 25 years in the Kirkwood School District. The event was held in the Walker Commons on the campus of Kirkwood High School.

Staff Recognized for 25 Years: Michelle Simmons, Denise Ford, Steve Schene and Craig Dickinson. Not pictured: Phil Deist, Carolyn Fogarty, Michael George, Jennifer Jacquin, Tamala Merritt, Clay Mosley, Kelly Nevins, Kelly Righi, Mitali Sarkar, and Michael Willmeno.


Retirees pictured left to right front row: Molly Stephenson, Lori Wehrman, Trisha Yettke, Kirsten Koch, Laura Schowalter, Megan Reznicek, Tracy Wicker, Karen Lang, Pam Harris.

Left to right back row: Melissa Richardson, Jeff Townsend, David Cannon, Romona Miller, Sean McCarthy, Larry Anderson, Cindy Coronado, Jane Fairbanks, Connie Villier, Kelly Lauberth, and Damian Pritchard. Not pictured: Thomas Champion, Lori Covert, David Drury, Chris Hooker, Cynthia Lillard, Lori Nieman, Ken Pribish, Cindy Ricks, David Robinson, Deborah Stovall, David Werre, Lavern Williams-Black and Louis Wyse.