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Kirkwood School District Middle School Students Learn Online Safety in Childhood Smart Program

Students at Nipher Middle School in the Kirkwood School District participated in the “Childhood Smart Program.” The program was created in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to help educate parents and children about computer and personal safety. William J. Shink, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAIC) of the Secret Service St. Louis Field Office presented to students in the Nipher 6th grade Wellness classes.


During the presentation, Shink shared the “NetSmartz, Online Safety” presentation that was developed by the Secret Service to share educational resources for parents and K-12 students created by NCMEC. The NetSmartz Online Safety presentation is designed for 6-8 grade students, addressing issues they may encounter online including inappropriate content, online privacy, online solicitations, and cyberbullying. 


“Decisions you make today on what you post will impact your outcomes in the future for college, jobs, and beyond,” said Shink. “Once you click ‘post’, it’s out there forever.”


Students shared their learning back with Shink during the presentation. “If someone asks to meet you offline, that is dangerous,” shared one student. “People say they maybe someone online that is your age or are a friend of a friend, but actually they aren’t,” said another.


Shick wrapped up the presentation with a top tip to remember: "Cyberbulling is a real problem. Stop cyberbullying with kindness. Be careful who you talk to online. Think before you post. Don't be a cyberbully. Tell an adult when you need help."


Additional information about the NetSmartz presentation series can be found on the NCMEC website,


The Secret Service will present to students at North Kirkwood Middle School in the next few weeks.