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Nipher Students Explore Hispanic Heritage Month with Hands-On Learning

During Hispanic Heritage month, Nipher students in Mrs. Goeke’s homeroom took a hands-on approach to learn about Latin cooking and explored salsa making. Over the past few days, students have learned about various types of salsa, and the ingredients and spices that are often used to prepare different sauces. Nipher students learned that the most common salsa ingredients are native to this hemisphere, and largely originate from Spanish-speaking countries.


Students brought in various ingredients and prepared different styles of salsa. Some included mango, while others included spicy peppers, and one even included bacon. Students enjoyed their time together preparing their salsas. After cutting up a dozen tomatoes, 7th grader Elizabeth shared that “it takes some dedication to make a good salsa.” Isla feels that “fresh spices, salt, and lime are key ingredients to a delicious salsa.” Aadish said that “the ingredients are so fresh and good, that even if you forgot an ingredient and wing it, it still tastes great!”


The salsa party wrapped up with a taste test challenge. A panel of judges, including superintendent Dr. David Ulrich, judged the five salsa varieties prepared. Team “Kappa” including team members Layila, Ava, and Jamie, took the top spot. The group prepared Layila’s grandmother’s family salsa recipe. She said the key to making a delicious salsa is to “keep tasting it while you’re blending the ingredients until you get all the spices just right.”


The class also shared with the judges a mural they colored with the saying “Todo el mundo sonrie en el mismo idioma,” which translates to “Everybody smiles in the same language.”