If the athlete has to miss a meet who should I contact?

Posted by: Coach McWoods

If any problems arise (if a team member has to miss practice or a meet, questions about not being entered into a meet, requests to try a different event, etc..) we ask that the ATHLETE speak with a COACH.  Missing practice because another team member said there wasn’t practice, not showing up for your event or to a meet, etc.. is inexcusable! It  is important that parents and athletes understand that when an athlete is entered into an invitational they are expected to compete.

So, when an athlete does not show up for the meet he/she has put an incredible strain on the coaches and his/her teammates.  Thus, it is extremely important that athletes communicate to their coaches weeks in advance if they are unable to attend a meet that is on the schedule.  Athletes who are entered in an invitational and who do not/cannot show up will be held responsible for their lost entry fee.

If parent’s have additional inquiries it is best to speak with or email their child’s event coach.  After that, if parent’s still have questions they can contact the head coaches.

Coach McWoods