Family Newsletter - December 4, 2022

Family Newsletter - December 4, 2022

Hello everyone-

We had a great full week back after the long weekend. The kids were so excited to be back. We had assemblies each morning this week- you can access them here. We covered some important learning with kids at the assemblies:

  • We did a recess behavior expectations reset to review what our recess expectations are and what to do when expectations aren't being met.
  • We praised students for how they have done on our safety drills. We shared that we are going to be stepping up our drills by pretending that a hallway or exit is blocked so that they focus on listening to the teacher and the teachers practice making decisions quickly based on the information we share through our safety communication tool. This will be more realistic practice to help prepare should we ever be in an emergency. As always, we will communicate with families when we have completed a drill.
  • We talked about our academic benchmarking that begins on Monday. Reinforcing to do our best, ask for breaks, everyone needs different support and we will give everyone what they need, and don't stress. We are looking forward to meeting our reading goals with our benchmarks and we will let the kids choose their rewards if our class, grade level, and building goals are met.
  • We reminded kids that Fun Friday was this past Friday and let the know of the changes that we made based on feedback.
  • Our students in grades 3-5 finished out the assembly with a survey to have students self-assess how safe they feel at school, and how students are feeling about math instruction. The survey aligns to our school improvement plan and will be used to monitor our building goal progress.

I had a few families ask when our future Fun Fridays are and those are on February 10th and April 7th.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our Fun Friday Superhero event on Friday. The kids had fun dressing up, listening to music, and having popcorn. We appreciate those were able to come up and help out.

Please reach out at any time to share any questions, concerns, or ideas. I am here to help and support you and your family. Thanks for all you do to help keep our students and staff safe.

Take Care-


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