Connecting with Mrs. Cohen May 10, 2021

Good Evening,

Happy Mother's Day to all of our moms celebrating today!

Tonight I want to offer information about anxiety. This may feel like a repeat, however, last week we heard from a lot of kiddos (and adults) who are feeling anxious. We have talked about anxiety a lot this year. We have also taught many different coping tools and strategies, and sometimes a refresher can be helpful.

Also included here tonight are great ideas about how to use daily mindfulness practice to build Emotional Intelligence or EI. EI can be included, in our CASEL Core 5 I have been sharing about over the past 5 weeks and the idea of building ways to self-regulate..

On Tuesday night some of our counseling team will join in the PTO meeting to speak about our partnership with the PTO Robinson Cares committee and all the great work that has been accomplished in the past year. We will also do a quick overview about our Food Pantry.

We hope to see you on zoom!

At the end of this message you can find our counseling team's contact information. We are still wrapping up some"loose ends" with MAP testing that can impact our schedules, but for the most part we will be returning to more typical schedules this week. Thanks so much for your patience these past few weeks.

Take care,


Please reach out to any of us if we can be helpful.

Cell during remote learning: 314-643-8890

Cell during remote learning: 314-643-9115

314-213-6100 ext. 3227

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